YSBEC Success Stories: On-Call Welding

On-Call Welding Builds Mobile Business in York Region

Success-On-call-weldingFor many years Danny Aucoin was a company man, working in maintenance and production for various plants. Starting his own business wasn’t necessarily his plan.

In 2012 Aucoin and his wife decided that should the industry they both worked in be affected by an economic downturn, it would be more fiscally responsible if they weren’t employed at the same company.  He took some time off to figure out what he really wanted to do. Two things soon became clear: he had a talent and passion for welding and now realized that he wanted to work for himself.

A year later he launched On-Call Welding, a mobile welding company that serves residential and business needs in York, Durham, and Simcoe regions.

Deciding to start the business was easy.  He had the required skill and determination.  However, Aucoin found the number of details that went into starting a company overwhelming.  He reached out to York Small Business Enterprise Centre (YSBEC) at the suggestion of a relative and signed up for a group information session on starting a business.

The session he attended was very informative, but the amount of information was too much to take in at once.  To determine what he needed for his specific business, he reached out and made an individual appointment with one of the YSBEC experts.

In the one-on-one meeting he found out that he needed a Business Number and was helped to register for one on the spot.  He and the YSBEC Small Business Consultant discussed the need for personal insurance and where to find it, marketing ideas, and how to set up a web site to generate exposure to potential clients.  Once all these details were finalized Aucoin was ready to launch his business.

“YSBEC offered a lot of help in many different areas.  From ideas about insurance to marketing to setting up a business properly, YSBEC was there to offer advice.”

On-Call Welding has grown steadily since launching in 2013.  Aucoin notes that his business has benefited from the web, advertising, and marketing advice received from YSBEC.  As a result, On-Call Welding has been fortunate to be included on some major projects.   From working on a solar farm initiative, a greenhouse, even a water treatment engagement, the business has had some great successes in its first year of operation.

“The people at YSBEC really helped me figure out the details to get my business started properly,” he said, “their ongoing support has given me a place to turn when I have questions about running my business.  They are always full of great ideas.”

Aucoin is happy with the way his business is developing.  There are slow times, but then there are times when he gets multiple calls for service in a single day. He also enjoys working with a variety of clients, both small and large.  Many of those clients are so thrilled with his work that they turn into repeat customers and are his best source of referrals.  He hopes to be busy enough to eventually hire a student who would like to learn the welding trade.

“Welding is my passion.  I would love to pass on my knowledge to someone who shares my enthusiasm.”

The decision to start his business has fulfilled Aucoin in many ways.  He’s following his passion, he’s growing his business, and he’s his own boss.  He also recognizes that the YSBEC is there for him for ongoing support as his business prospers.

“YSBEC has provided an offer of continued support and follow-up.  They have given me somewhere to turn with questions and have been an invaluable source of information.”

You can learn more about On-Call Welding and continue following this local York Region success story at www.oncallwelding.ca

Dianne Stott is a staff writer of CanadaOne.com, an online business resources website.

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