Starter Company – Welcomes Heather Loduca

Congratulations to another YSBEC’s successful Starter Company applicant – Heather Loduca.  This youth entrepreneur will now receive business training, mentorship and grant money to help her launch or expand business operations.

Heather Loduca

Crown + Pride

Heather Loduca is the owner of Crown + Pride (C+P) an incorporated online women’s clothing business. The strengths of her product are that they are great quality, fashion forward, feminine, and edgy. A mixture of athletic meets runway with a tomboy yet still feminine feel.
Heather brings a strong work ethic and business experience, with strong drive and ambition. She is well connected and experienced with the online world in terms of marketing and selling. Heather was building her clothing product knowledge by doing fashion work in the broadcasting world and she had her own TV show on her local channel called “The Makeover”. It ran for 1 year and reached 500,000 viewers.  More information can be found

Heather was recently featured in

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