YSBEC Success Stories: Faced Makeup

My name is Danielle Schleese. I am a student and the founder and owner of Faced Makeup – a make-up service for all occasions that uses strictly natural and organic products. Faced Makeup is focused on raising awareness and body consciousness. We live in a society that pre-determines the meaning and symbolization of what beauty is and how it is represented –

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YSBEC Success Stories: Harmonic Melodies Music

My name is Eva Thies, Director of Harmonic Melodies Music – a music school serving Newmarket and the surrounding area. I have been a music teacher for 15 years. My husband Michael and I founded our school in 2011. It was a brand new adventure for both of us and we faced numerous challenges. We had an idea of what we wanted

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YSBEC Success Stories: Your Inspirational Journey – Division of YIJ Group

I am Anita Heidema, founder of Your Inspirational Journeys also known as the YIJ Group of companies. I develop personal and professional development programs (such as goal setting, sales and time management), as well as personalized root success coaching and unique custom travel getaways with one purpose in mind: to Inspire my clients and empower their lives. In starting my business and

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Derek Lai - DL Engineering

YSBEC Success Stories: DL Engineering

Despite his extensive education and experience, Derek Lai found himself in that same awful position that affects so many Canadians – the inability to find steady work. It was for that reason that in 2011, Lai decided to draft his own future and created DL Engineering. DL Engineering‘s main business is stone cladding. In luxury homes, commercials, hotels and condominiums, the

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Benjamin Limo - Tailored Living

YSBEC Success Stories: Tailored Living

Benjamin Limo and his wife, Marilyn Quevedo, have started not one, but two businesses with the help of the York Small Business Enterprise Centre (YSBEC). The couple opened their first business, Aurora Salon Secrets, in 2008. Marilyn had just finished her schooling in aesthetics and beauty therapy, and it seemed like the perfect time to begin working for herself. “I

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Jamie Daigle - MyDaigo

YSBEC Success Stories: MyDaigo Inc.

It’s all too easy to feel overwhelmed when starting a business. Just ask James Daigle. He recently made his first sale of MyDaigo, a new electronics device, after months and months of research, planning, networking and late nights. In the beginning, he says, “everything was happening so fast. It was hard to sift through the mountains of information on the ’net

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Karen Shea - Blooms of Joy Project

YSBEC Success Stories: Blooms of Joy Project

Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. – Hans Christian Andersen When Karen Shea first flew across the country to meet her newborn niece, she had no way of knowing that it would lead to a 22-year journey which would combine two of her great loves: horticulture and helping others. “I chatted with

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Ashley Rezka - Paws In Style Mobile Grooming

YSBEC Success Storiess: Paws in Style Mobile Grooming

“I always wanted to be my own boss,” says Ashley Rezka. In order to be your own boss, you need a winning idea for a business—and in 2010, Rezka believed she had that idea. In all her years working as a dog groomer, she had never seen a groomer who would come to the customer. “At the time, there wasn’t

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Marianne Svab - Crane Lake Interior Organizing

YSBEC Success Stories: Crane Lake Interior Organizing

Marianne Svab works out of a home office, as a staff of one. Her operation may be small, but it’s successful. She says she owes part of that success to the York Small Business Enterprise Centre (YSBEC). Svab still had small children when she started the business in 2007. She didn’t have the hours to devote to a full-time job,

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Kathy Taylor-Jackson - Kat’s Gallery and Framing Shop Ltd

YSBEC Success Stories: Kat’s Gallery & Framing Shop Ltd.

In 1989, Kathy Taylor-Jackson was working at a gallery in Aurora, Ontario. “At the time, there was only one gallery and framing shop in [nearby] Jackson’s Point,” she recalls. Confident that she had learned enough to venture out on her own, Taylor-Jackson opened Kat’s Gallery and Framing Shop Ltd. With customers following her from Aurora, Taylor-Jackson was on the way to sustaining

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