Celebrating Women in Business: Exploring the Art of Storytelling

Some Great Feedback:

“Loved the venue. Loved the presenters. So glad I signed up (and showed up!). Wonderful opportunity on so many levels. Thank you!”

“Great event and networking!”

“I really found Marianne’s talk beneficial as well as the other speakers. Food was excellent. Beautiful room and setting. Thank you!”

“I am leaving with great pointers to tell my story! Networking tips were great and very useful for me. Thank you very much for having me at this event.”

“This was most beneficial plus, I made great connections!”

“I would highly recommend this event!”

“Great workshop. Thank you to all volunteers who helped make this possible. So good to be around such energetic women!”

“Wonderful event. Met some incredible women.”

“Terrific day. Turned some of my views and business practices upside down! Thank you!”

“I had a very good time. Met a lot of new people as well as reconnected with people I knew. Very inspirational. I left with many new ideas and thoughts. Thank you!”

Workshop Reflections


What have you learned about the brand story of your business through images, music and storytelling?
What have you learned about the Wow factor of your business?
What are the business ways of women you have experienced in these activities?


  1. Improve quality of life
    Personal Stories
    Personal Connections
    Hope: Better future, improved quality of life
  2. Congruence is key: Words have too match heart
  3. Music is highly emotive
    It moves first emotionally to impress intellectually
  4. Innovator
    Soaring above the rest
    Caught it!
    The heart of working with others
    Spider rebuilding life’s web
    Connected one heart to another
  5. Importance of:
  6.  Trends vs. Longevity
  7. A lot of “stand alones”, women alone in business
  8. Creates a mood
    Set a mood
  9.  Contrast between powerful and confident and feeling afraid
    Ripple Effect: How one person can affect others and make a big difference
    Centre of focus and stretched
    Having cheerleaders
  10. Hope is achieved when there is a willingness to accept something new, when positive far outweighs the negative, when change is viewed as “possible”
  11.  Patience leads to results
  12.  Aroma ties to memories
  13.  Children’s stories and drawings
  14.   Happiness songs
  15.  Fear of coming across as manipulative when presenting business message
  16. Public speaking engagement success!
  17.  Fear: Social media – speed of technology changing
  18.  Building relationships and connecting
  19.  Everyone motivated someone else
  20. Women supporting women
    “Abundance mindset”
  21.  Universal accessibility
    Harmony in/ Harmony out
    Personal experiences
  22. Accessible to everybody
    multitude of benefits to share
  23. Everyone had different (but somewhat related) experience in life
  24.  Human experience: “High-Touch, not Hi-Tech” – Daniel Pink
  25.  Women are at their best being their natural creative selves
  26.  Protect environment
  27.  Use music to evoke desired behaviour
    Show positive results
  28.  Women are much more in tune with consumers and we really want to connect with customers and not just make a sale
  29. Motivating
  30. Get behind your passion!
  31. Vitality
  32. Women “feel” more when it comes to business and ultimately have their business bring possibilities to their clients rather than profit driven
  33. Positive influence
  34. “Wow factor” – The importance of perspective. Learning the challenge of communicating and simplifying your message. Finding the essence of the message
  35. What women do is related to love, kindness and helping
    Women are nurturing
    Women like things simplified
    Women feel empowered to choose their path
    Sharing personal stories help women connect more easily
    Women use love and kindness to guide them
    Women are nurturing
    Simplified, clean and pure
    Women feel empowered to choose their own path
    Personal stories help women connect more easily
  36. Make the problem a noun with no emotion and put it out front where you can work on it as a team
  37. Focus energy and build your foundation and target your activities. We need positive feedback to know we’re doing something worthwhile
    We need beauty and a home that is a haven and that is part of success. Working with our hands is important
  38. Connection and synergy between those in the same field can explode creativity and move everyone forward
  39. People respect and support the local, green nature of my business
    Women are open to and understand the need for a movement to a more simple and contributing nature of business
  40. Beauty plays a role in what makes us happy and makes life easier
    Hands on tactile/ creative in the process
    Inspired by our failings = resilience
    Not afraid to reinvent ourselves
    Create a memory
  41. Provide personal support
    Outreach caring
    For me it matters
    Build relationships founded on relationships
    Creative – “think outside the box”
  42. Passion based business
    Belief in product/service
    Embracing technology
  43. Compact
    Connects to possibilities
    Connect people to what they like
    Rebuild spirit and joy in their life
    Come back to who you are
    None of our stories were about the “bottom line.” They were extensions of who we are
    Connected to the earth
    Service to others
    We are sometimes afraid to “share” ourselves
  44. Sheer joy comes from scratching my dog’s chest!
    Have helped people through participating in Help Portrait Day – providing photos to people in the community who wouldn’t have the opportunity otherwise
  45. Best and Biggest Failure: My marriage – I grew by leaps and bounds after!
  46. We need down time to recharge
    Diversions, hobbies, something different from your business
  47. Speak from the heart
    Speak with passion
    How adversity or one of life’s challenges was turned into opportunity
    > Hero stories
    > Belief in oneself
    > Rising above life’s challenges
    > Having purpose
  48. If you listen to triggers others say, you will be able to adapt your story to their interests and get better engagement and understanding of what you did
  49. Human stories have more impact
    Makes potential customers listen and engage
  50. Vulnerability:
    Lonely as a leader
    So many contacts to be made
    So many avenues to pursue
    So many distractions
    Hard to maintain focus
  51. Tenacity
    Hope is: Faith
  52. Enlighten
  53. Work/Family balance
  54. Use technology to run your business better
  55. Great ideas can be so simple
    If I’m excited, others will be.
  56. Bringing happiness = success!
  57. Passion: Use memories to inspire others
  58. Taking time for yourself is a very important part of making your business a success
  59. My “wow” factor is stronger than my “fear” factor
  60. Relationships
  61. Change happens over and over
  62. Sharing relationships built and preserved
    Serve don’t sell
    Being authentic
    Use intuition
    Tell your personal story – it’s enough
  63. You do better when you know better
  64. Overcoming personal gremlins (I’m not enough)
  65. Nothing is natural, everything is learned
  66. Visual, ecofriendly, fundraising, personalization
    Unique, educating, passions, sharing
  67. Skeptical
    Success at the end
    Beauty within
    Towards the future
  68. Working from a place in the heart!
    Social good
    Environment consciousness
  69. Unusual materials
    Different ways of communicating answers to clients
    Feed people
    Passion for a change
  70. Co-operation, sharing, collaborative, innovative
    Passion, helping, educating
  71. Innovative
  72. Back to basics – the cove
    Gather info today that will affect future
    Social media accounts– who looks after these when you die?
  73. Bringing out the beauty
    Deeply loved and appreciated
    Uniquely gifted and talented
    What your real passion is
  74. Discover the opportunities now to uncover the potential
    Believe in yourself, show your inner beauty
  75. Problem – an entity to solve it
    Feedback – Pass on, passionate
  76. Home is heaven, appreciation
    Education is awareness
    Lioness – assertive, pride
  77. Synergy – Alliances
    Sense of accomplishment
  78. Local
    Seeking likeminded people
    Working from inner passion for and learning how to work with many cultures
    Workforce is changing – how does your business adjust
    Supporting world issues – having higher purpose/global causes/global community
    Being involved in transformative changes
  79. “Serve” don’t sell
    I am enough!
  80. The WOW is that human storytelling hasn’t really changed in 17,000 years
    We are defined by our core values and experiences
    Our passions and values make us better business women
  81. Passionate
    Relieve stress for others
    Comparison –  before/after moving beyond skepticism
    Back to basics
    Unearth the beauty
    Look to the future
    Plan ahead
    Leaving a legacy
  82. Sometimes we need a “push” “deadline” “crisis” to get us going
    Great feeling of accomplishment
  83. Re-Thinking how we engage people in our lives, Telling people what I do
    Asking questions that will open people up to telling about their lives, not just what they work at
  84. It’s ok to use emotion to connect people, and personal anecdotes
    Stories are memorable, others will remember you when you tell a story
  85. Think about your passion
    Make your passion your business
    Overcoming your sense of isolation
  86. We need mentoring and support to be successful
  87. Do for yourself to decompress
    Every day I spend time on physical activity. This allows me energy for my business.
  88. Time management?!
    “Multi-tasking” – Good? Is there a choice?
    Insight of our own situations – challenges gifts, potential.
    Challenge programming of what we should be? “Shoulda coulda woulda”.
  89. Live in the moment
    Learn to forgive ourselves
    Be good to yourself
  90. What would be your perfect day?
    To have control over all aspects of my day. Fitting in exercise, lunch with friends, work and family.
  91. The walls I keep bumping into may not be signs of my business not working. Walls are there to be broken down!
  92. Wow! Other women feel fear too!
  93. Family is a weakness, but we need family behind us
  94. The question: How to keep the caring and increase financial success
  95. Positive images and music can help motivate us through hard times/challenges
  96. Positive images enhance our business
  97. Music inspires (connect to memory)
  98. Open to new possibilities
  99. Overcome predators
  100. Work together, don’t do everything yourself
  101. Learning and sharing
  102. Serenity
    Connecting to nature
  103. Music brings you back to a time and place
  104. Peace of mind
  105. Sets the mood
  106. Balance between fulfillment and financial success
  107. Asking questions à curiosity
  108. Harmony
    Chaos leads to change leads to harmony
  109. Power of association used with music
  110. Keeps attentions
  111. Builds emotional connection and response
  112. Long term planning is challenging
  113. Visual and audio enhances message

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