Nicole Weston - Professional Lifestyle Services

Starter Company – Welcomes 2 more youth entrepreneurs!

Congratulations to two more YSBEC’s successful Starter Company applicants – Nicole Weston  and Nicole Woodruff.  These youth entrepreneurs will now receive business training, mentorship and grant money to help them launch or expand business operations.   Professional Lifestyle Services  Nicole Weston of Professional Lifestyle Services offers leadership and empowerment tools through a variety of wellness services to guide and empower you to achieve love, passion, excellence and success

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Boosting Your Profits with the Right Reports: Part III

By: Julie King In the last two articles I looked at three types of Management Information System (MIS) reports that smaller companies can use to boost the profitability of their company. Yet reports are only as good as the people who create them and people often resist steps that could highlight their weaknesses. To be successful, strong leadership is needed.

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