Success Stories

Success Story: Stella Graphix

  Some people have a love for music and are lucky enough to make a career out of it. Others do the same for art and design. Stella Grinfeld has at one point or another done all three. From her education to her lifetime involvement in the arts, Stella has always had a passion for what she does, including music,

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YSBEC Success Stories: Muttz with Mannerz

It’s not where you’ve been, it’s where you end up. This rings true for Corey McCusker, owner of Muttz with Mannerz, based out of Whitchurch-Stouffville. After a 13-year career in finance, she was ready for a change. “I had a successful career as a Senior Manager, but I simply didn’t have the drive anymore,” she said. “During this transitional time,

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YSBEC Success Stories: Integra Mechanical and Air Ltd.

You could say that Nathan Moore was destined to land in the heating and cooling trade. His father works in the industry, as did his grandfather and great-grandfather. “I really enjoy fixing things and addressing the needs of customers,” says Moore, an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) mechanic who launched Integra Mechanical and Air Ltd. in 2013. But what

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YSBEC Success Stories: PhysActiv Sports Medicine

Julian Roach has every reason to be confident. A registered physiotherapist, he has treated more than 18,000 patients in England, Finland and Canada. He’s also an adjunct lecturer and clinical educator for the University of Toronto and served as a lead physiotherapist for the 2015 Pan Am Games. That’s just for starters. He clearly knows his stuff, but when he

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YSBEC Success Stories: HBC Landscaping Limited

  Ziggy Talaska is only 25, but he’s worked in the trades for a decade. At age 15, he was framing drywall and building decks. By age 18, he was coordinating jobs for another contractor. “I grew up seeing my dad and uncle building fences and decks and I got involved,” says Talaska. “Their handiness rubbed off on me.” At

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YSBEC Success Stories: K+A Personal Concierge

Kirsten Martin and Anne-Marie Gabrini don’t, typically, book private jets or plan lavish parties for their clients. Rather, as partners in K+A Personal Concierge in Aurora, they’re more apt to help clients with ordinary tasks such as grocery shopping or finding a good electrician. The two friends launched the business in 2017, after identifying a gap in the marketplace. In

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YSBEC Success Stories: Julia’s Best Ever Inc.

Should you — and how do you — turn a hobby into a business? Those questions dogged Julia Brown when she was at university. In her freshman year, she started roasting and blending almonds into nut butter for fun. By third year, as word spread about her sweet and savoury butter, she was whipping up batches of it regularly for

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YSBEC Success Stories: Gents Fitness

Running a business is a bit like exercising: You need to be motivated and persistent to see results. Matt Gentles knows a thing or two about motivation and persistence. As owner of Gents Fitness, a personal training service that prioritizes overall well-being over “quick fixes,” he inspires his clients to stick with, and reach, their fitness goals. It’s been a

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YSBEC Success Stories: DJ Dash

For Dash Bylykbashi, it’s easy to throw himself into his work. When he’s DJing a wedding, he moves and grooves right along with the guests. “I really get into it. I’m dancing the whole time,” he says. “That’s the reason people love my services.” In 2014 the Aurora entrepreneur—known as “DJ Dash”—launched his business, which provides music, lighting and MC

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YSBEC Success Stories: STEM Minds

After a 20-year banking career, Anu Bidani had a decision to make: She could continue in the corporate world or she could channel her passion for technology and innovation into her own business. “I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart,” she says, so she chose the riskier route and created STEM Minds, which provides STEM — science, technology, engineering, math — and now arts — programs for children.