Success Stories

Kathy Taylor-Jackson - Kat’s Gallery and Framing Shop Ltd

YSBEC Success Stories: Kat’s Gallery & Framing Shop Ltd.

In 1989, Kathy Taylor-Jackson was working at a gallery in Aurora, Ontario. “At the time, there was only one gallery and framing shop in [nearby] Jackson’s Point,” she recalls. Confident that she had learned enough to venture out on her own, Taylor-Jackson opened Kat’s Gallery and Framing Shop Ltd. With customers following her from Aurora, Taylor-Jackson was on the way to sustaining

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Dagmar Schoenrock - The Reconnection Centre

YSBEC Success Stories: The Reconnection Centre

Dagmar Schoenrock was running a catering business nine years ago when she decided she wanted to do something more meaningful with her life. She began studying study holistic health and, in 2004, opened The Reconnection Centre in Mount Albert, East Gwillimbury. “Right from the beginning, I consulted with the York Small Business Enterprise Centre (YSBEC),” says Schoenrock, who also used YSBEC’s services

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Patricia Easton - Jordash Inc.

YSBEC Success Stories: Jordash Inc.,,

Patricia Easton opened the doors to her unique gallery in 1990. Working out of her home in Schomberg, Ontario, Easton’s collection included everything from sculptures and paintings to furniture and plants. “I was struggling at the time because my business is home based and I didn’t have the budget to market my location,” recalls Easton. “I felt that I needed

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Raelene Gannon - tea and all its splendour

YSBEC Success Stories: tea and all its splendour

When Raelene Gannon traveled to China on business in 2008, she never thought she would return with an idea for a new business. But after spending the following few years building her tea expertise, Gannon found herself in the wholesale business, selling countless varieties of tea to retailers across Ontario.With her company not quite two years old (she launched her

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Cora Clearwater - Reubenesque Yoga

YSBEC Success Stories: Reubenesque Yoga

In 2008, Cora Clearwater formed an idea for a new business that caters to an overlooked group of Newmarket residents. She had been practicing Kripalu yoga for many years, but noticed that heavier students always hid at the back of the class—if they could get up the nerve to attend at all. “People who are large often aren’t exercising because

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Bob and Renee Blake - The Biz Mates

YSBEC Success Stories: The Biz Mates

In 2008, Renee Blake’s husband Bob was retiring after 32 years as a firefighter. Blake decided to combine her years of experience as a marketing manager with the couple’s solid connections in the community to create a new business. Biz Mates sources the best environmentally-friendly products, from clothing to compostable packaging, and sells them through its online portal ( Renee

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Ingrid Kulbach - Fraktals

YSBEC Success Stories: Fraktals

“As a start-up business, the most challenging [areas] are accounting, production, and sales,” says Ingrid Kulbach, owner of One Chocolate Corporation, manufacturer of Fraktals. That’s why, before she was even settled in her Aurora location, Kulbach had already consulted with the York Small Business Enterprise Centre (YSBEC). “I asked a lot of questions,” she says, “and I learned a lot.” The

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YSBEC Success Stories: Cathy’s Crawly Composters

Cathy’s Crawly Composters was established in 2002. We raise specialty worms for composting. Our business has been challenging, as the concept of indoor composting with worms is unfamiliar to most people When starting a business there are so many things to think about. It is difficult to know what to do and in what order. Guidance on how to proceed

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YSBEC Success Stories: SMSnet

I started SMSnet, a text messaging company with an idea, some knowledge, and the belief that I had what it takes to launch a business. When I attended a How to Start a Small Business Group Consultation with the YSBEC, I realized that I needed to do more homework. The process of writing a Business Plan made me re-think my

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YSBEC Success Stories: King Learning Centre

The King Learning Centre is a family run business that has relied on a low budget for marketing and retaining clients. We also had to deal with name brand competition, which was a major challenge. This, coupled with a family tragedy, hindered the development of a once growing business. Given these challenges, I decided that I would take some time

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