Success Stories

YSBEC Success Stories: King Learning Centre

The King Learning Centre is a family run business that has relied on a low budget for marketing and retaining clients. We also had to deal with name brand competition, which was a major challenge. This, coupled with a family tragedy, hindered the development of a once growing business. Given these challenges, I decided that I would take some time

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Farid Parhami - The Recycle People Corporation

YSBEC Success Stories: The Recycle People Corporation

According to Farid Parhami, only around 25 or 30 per cent of Canadian businesses recycle, even though most of their waste content is paper and cardboard, which is easily recycled. Parhami himself has worked for many such businesses. “I’ve worked for many corporations that had a lot of staff but didn’t have a proper recycling program,” he says. In 2009,

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YSBEC Success Stories: Evolution Gymnastics

We utilized the services of the YSBEC early on when starting Evolution Gymnastics in Aurora. We attended seminars and met with staff to learn about sources of funding, preparing a business plan, hiring staff and more. The YSBEC recommended and helped us through the S.W.O.T. process (identifying our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). The process enabled us to identify two

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YSBEC Success Stories: ITelligent

When I was 19, I launched my business ITelligent through the York Small Business Enterprise Centre’s Summer Company Program. At ITelligent, we provide small businesses with reliable technical support and service, making technology an asset for them. My business grew fast and the YSBEC helped me stay focused on what’s important by using a well tailored business plan. It helps

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